Protective Thermal Solutions   854 E Broad St Ste B Columbus,OH43205   (614) 252-7802
Protective Thermal Solutions
854 E Broad St Ste B
ColumbusOH 43205
 (614) 252-7802

Reviews Of Protective Thermal Solutions

5.00 8 Reviews
Sep 10, 2018

Eddie murdock jr
Aug 22, 2018

Emily Mead Rego
Aug 21, 2018

Being in the real estate industry, it is essential to find reliable vendors you are able to count on and Protective Thermal Solutions is not only a company I would use for any personal needs, but recommend my clients to use as well. They are professional, timely and easy to schedule with and provide a great service.

Deana Wilson
Aug 20, 2018

I have been a Property Manager for 25 plus years. PTS responded almost immediately. Wayne was professional and provided excellent customer service. The heat treatment provided instant results, eliminating the bed bugs. Companies I've used in the past had to treat the units repeatedly with chemicals. Sometimes resulting in 3 or 4 treatments before the bugs were eliminated. PTS is more cost effective (only using 1 treatment) vs other exterminating companies who claim to "guarantee" removal. I'll never go back to the other guys again!

Travis Smith
Aug 20, 2018

Its refreshing to find a company as professional as these guys in the pest control industry. From ownership to technicians PTS is the real deal. They not only get the job done (NO MORE BED BUGS!) but they also make you feel like they care. Bed bugs are a horrible personal crisis, so I appreciated the white glove treatment shown. Not to mention they have one of the lowest bed bug return rates I've seen. Definitely give them a call if you want your bug problem dealt with completely THE FIRST TIME AROUND.

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